THIS BABY DOLL WILL BE A JUNKIE is an audiovisual portrait of women drug addicts living in Europe. The artwork consists of organizations, registrations, diagrams and statistics, words and languages, several series of ‘talking’ porcelain Baby Dolls, interventions in the public space, analyses, propositions and expositions. The series of identical Baby Dolls narrate significant events in the life of a drug-addicted woman.
Each series represents a single biography.

Printed on each Baby Doll’s face is a portrait photo of an addict, so that the facial expression of the baby doll merges into that of an adult.

When the Baby Doll is picked up, it relates a significant event in the addict’s life, through a built-in speaker. The voice is heard through a perforated text on the doll’s back, which gives the addict’s name and year of birth, and in some cases the year of her death.

The series will be installed in the public space, in places frequented by addicts, and then abandoned to the public without any form of control.
Each Baby Doll has a wrist label giving the title of the artwork and the URL of this website.